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Maximizing Influencer Marketing perspectives for Glitty

Glitty is a company that sells real wooden accessories for MacBook, iPhone and iPad. Each product is unique and exclusively designed. We have been mandated to lead several Influencer Marketing campaigns dedicated to having a direct impact on the perception of the brand & sales. Being a unknown brand to the general public, Glitty needs to build a strong and guarantee branding .



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Obsessed with this amazing wooden cover for MacBook💛 Shop yours on ! #lovewood #soreal #finallyfound #thankyou #glitty @glitty_

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Packing bits & bobs. Missing another Father’s Day 😢 love you dad!! Little throwback story on with #acquadigio ▫️ #iamgio #partner

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By highlighting the products with Influencers, not only the company’s brand image and its popularity rating on social networks have increased, but the impact of these campaigns on the claim of product exclusivity. has justified their prices and thus triggered thousands of sales.

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