Award-winners in digital marketing: SEA, PPC, Social and Performance Marketing

Melriver is a digital marketing agency based in Fribourg, Switzerland. We’re leading the way to garner attention by interacting with your prospect and offering them relevant content at the right time, on the best channel. 


Optimize your ranking on searches, AdWords campaign creation, and management to help your business gain visibility with targeted criteria.

Social Media

Development of advanced communication strategies on social networks - whether you are marketing B2B or B2C solutions.

Influencer Marketing

Strategy, research, contact, organization and reporting of Influencer Marketing campaigns. We help you develop Influencer campaigns on social networks.

Content Marketing

We elaborate a content communication plan for your business to reach the right audience with the most relevant content on the ideal media.

Performance Marketing

Creation of continuously optimized advertising campaigns to maximize results and lower customer acquisition costs.

Retargeting & Automation

Establishment of uniform campaigns to revive your prospects by various means in order to make them complete an action on your website.


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