We craft eCommerce brands,
driven by instinct.

We craft eCommerce brands,
driven by instinct.


We offer a tailor-made solution for every project our clients entrust us with.

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Ideation & Conception

This is the first step towards materializing your project. Our conceptualization service strives to find solutions that meet your expectations, your resources and your objectives.

By discovering your project, we focus on understanding your vision and the objectives associated with it. We follow your ideas and needs in order to establish a concrete framework for the development of your project.

Our services include design thinking or branding workshops. The goal is to create maximum value from short iterations in order to lay a solid foundation for your project.

We help you elevate your brand with a meaningful strategy and styling system. Melriver offers services for SME, corporates as well as entrepreneurs who work in eCommerce, lifestyle or fashion industries.

Brand Strategy & Audit

We help your brand find its way to greatness. There are no ordinary projects, only extraordinary situations. This is why we develop tailor-made brand strategies.

In order to choose a strategic approach that fits your activities and to determine the perfect timing for its implementation, Melriver conducts a detailed analysis of your situation.

For a strategy to be truly influential, it must be scalable and adaptable. Whether your business environment is stable or volatile, we plan your growth, your evolution and your renaissance.

Sustainable branding, a distinct visual and verbal identity, smart and efficient communication, or an integrated creative concept − they all stem from a relevant strategy.

Brand Experience


We believe in emotions and their impact on buying behavior. We create identities to convey your message, your values and your products through appealing graphics. Whether for a complete redesign or for a digital interpretation of an already existing identity, we make every effort to make your company a love brand in the online world.


We create high-performing digital-first stores that immerse human beings in the unique world of brands by awakening their instinctive self. Take a look at our latest work.


We work with talented content creators around the world who will be able to create and develop fantastic stories for your brand, whether with words, images, animations or videos. In addition to an excellent strategy and a magnificent brand, the key to success nowadays is content. It must be personalized, match the brand desperately and be of irrevocable quality.



For drastic results, we use methods that go off the beaten path by never breaking with the values of the brand. We do not mean by « experimentation » the simple change of color or wording on a button of your landing pages, but rather test of new business cases, different pricing or a branding expressing different values. We test macro changes whose results are much more impactful for your business.

Conversion optimisation

We optimize the user experience on your site to increase the percentage of people who take action (subscription, purchase or other metrics). We intervene at different levels: the brand promise or vision, the branding, the funnel or the product/service itself. We focus on the entire brand-customer relationship and therefore all touch-points with your customers – whether on or off-site.


We often talk about Growth Hacking for the purpose of getting more traffic or sales, but we often forget that growth and scalability must also take place internally. We optimize your processes and automate flows to make your teams more efficient and improve the overall brand experience.


We personalize the user experience on your digital store by identifying the characteristics of the different personas in your target audience by modifying the content to increase the relevance of the information you provide them.

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